Session Tag: strategies to avoid mood swings

Session 5: MOODS and EMOTIONS (feeling moody or withdrawn in challenging situations)

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this session you should be able to:  

– You should be able to deal with the mood swings of the client 

– They should understand what triggers mood swings or withdrawal in difficult situations in a client and how to deal with it.  


A safe home can help your elderly loved ones maintain their independence and quality of life. Preventing falls, the leading cause of death and serious injury among older people, is key to a long, happy life at home. The risk of falls in older people depends mainly on two factors, personal and environmental: 

  • Personal factors include muscle weakness, balance problems, impaired vision and certain medications 
  • Environmental factors include domestic hazards such as loose carpets, poor lighting (especially on stairs) and lack of stair rails or grab rails in the bathroom. 

Session Content