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Learning Path 2 – Basic principles and methods of communication in chronic disease along the case of dementia


In this learning path we focus on communication with older people and show different ways to overcome situations where communication can come to a complete standstill.  

The specificity of communication with older people lies in taking into account obstacles such as visual, auditory and cognitive deficits. In addition, caregivers accompanying the patient sometimes monopolise the conversation, which may prevent them from expressing themselves or even making decisions about their health. Humanity and validation are a set of tools for better communication with very old people or people suffering from dementia. 

 This learning path highlights different circumstances that you as a caregiver may know very well: Confusion, repetition, maintaining communication, forgetfulness, moods and feelings and finally some safety issues.   

All sessions are structured in the same way to make it easier for you to work through.  

We hope you will find some useful and helpful information in our programme! 

One Theme: 6 sessions of approx. 50 minutes each 

Duration LP2: 5 hours