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Introduction Communication in the new era of instant messaging, video calls and technological advances to support an age-friendly environment In this learning path, you will acquire the following competencies: You will understand the basic principles of instant messaging, video calls and AAL. You will know how to use instant messaging, video calls and AAL for […]


Introduction In this learning path we focus on communication with older people and show different ways to overcome situations where communication can come to a complete standstill.   The specificity of communication with older people lies in taking into account obstacles such as visual, auditory and cognitive deficits. In addition, caregivers accompanying the patient sometimes monopolise […]


Introduction Learners understand and are able to explain the basic principles of effective communication with older people. Learners have the ability to assess different needs (self-awareness, own needs, care recipient, other person, environment, cultural differences, needs due to impairment or hearing or speaking deficits/problems) and being able to apply appropriate ways (verbal and nonverbal) to […]